Posted On : 5 Sep 2017

During the IAS 2017 held from July 23rd to 26th in Paris, the OPP-ERA team shared with the audience the very first results of its work in Africa as well as discussed about what's at stakes for the project's second phase.

On the first day of the conference, Professor Chrixtine Rouzioux delivered a speech on the role of value for money in viral load testing at the Unitaid/ANRS symposium. 


intervention Pr Rouzioux 


On July 24th, the OPP-ERA team presented 2 posters on virological failure management and viral load undetectability. You can download their electronic versions here:

1. Time to achieve viral load undetectability in ART patients living in four West and Central African countries (the OPP-ERA project)

2. HIV viral load monitoring in four West and Central African Countries: how is virological failure managed by caregivers in the OPPERA project?


A presentation video of the project was also broadcasted at the Unitaid and the Experptise France booths during the entire conference:

An oral presentation of 30 minutes was also made by the OPP-ERA team at the Unitaid booth on July 25th.

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