Posted On : 4 Dec 2018
OPP-ERA, a pioneering project to increase access to viral load testing in Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea. Case of Burundi

ANSS and the OPP-ERA project: a successful collaboration since 2014 that has improved the care of Burundians living with HIV.

"The OPP-ERA project helped ANSS to improve the lives of those living with HIV in Burundi because, as you know, science has already shown that the best indicator of ARV treatment success is viral load testing. And we didn't have this in Burundi.   Telling people about this breakthrough was a relief to me on a personal level, but also more generally to all those living with HIV in Burundi."


Interview of Jeanne Gapiya, President of ANSS Burundi.