The OPP-ERA project aims to increase access to the virological monitoring of patients living with HIV by promoting the uptake of an innovative technology: the Open Polyvalent Platforms (OPPs). The OPP-ERA project aims to promote access to this technology - which complements other techniques (such as the integrated systems and the point of care technologies). 

Open Polyvalent platforms are composed of three elements: 

  • a nucleic acid extraction system (an extractor and extraction kits),
  • a real-time PCR thermocycler and
  • HIV amplification/quantification kits.

The market is currently characterized by suppliers offering integrated systems, which require reagents exclusively manufactured by the equipment supplier. This is one of the reasons why the price of this test is so high. Conversely, the Open Polyvalent Platform model (OPP) allows the combination of these different components manufactured by different suppliers.

This flexibility encourages competition among different suppliers and provides considerable advantages:


For instance, OPPs provides a solution that is upgradeable (as instruments can be added) to a rapidly evolving demand. In fact, an OPP combining 1-2 extractors, 1 thermocycler and HIV-1 amplification reagents, can progressively increase its output as new machines are added. The potential for using OPPs to diagnose other pathogens, such as TB, also pleads in favor of the adaptability of this technology to developing countries needs.


  • Open Polyvalent Platform: 


  • Integrated Platform: