Posted On : 19 Dec 2018

Listen to the brodcast by  Igor Strauss

Spotlight on the access to HIV viral load testing in Burundi. Essential analyzes in monitoring the effectiveness of treatments for patients with HIV. This measure is one of the necessary conditions to reach the 3rd "90" target  set by UNAIDS  to reach 90%  of people on ARV treatment with a viral load undetectable by 2020.

Access to these tests is a challenge in terms of equipment, maintenance and training of staff ... To support this strategic health initiative, a consortium of French partners (Solthis, ANRS, Expertise France and Sidaction) launched 2013, the OPP-ERA project in Burundi, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea Conakry, to improve the follow-up of people living with HIV / AIDS through increased access to viral load. What are the results ? How are HIV-infected patients living  today?